Mosquito spraying slated for Cherry Hill tonight

Numerous neighborhoods will be sprayed between 2 and 6 a.m. on Wednesday morning.

A slew of streets in Cherry Hill will be sprayed for mosquitos overnight.

The Camden County Mosquito Commission regularly checks several thousand suspected mosquito breeding sites across the county. Spraying is scheduled on an as needed basis based upon the results of their surveillance efforts.

“It is important that you regularly check your yard for the presence of standing water,” said Freeholder Jeff Nash, liaison to the Camden County Mosquito Commission. “Removing standing water where mosquitoes can thrive will protect your family from the pests, and will assist the efforts of the Camden County Mosquito Control Commission.”

The following Cherry Hill streets will be sprayed on Wednesday morning between 2 and 6 a.m.

Essex Avenue

• Hinchman Avenue

• Sussex Avenue

• Plymouth Place

• St James Place

• Westminster Avenue

• Greenleigh Court

• Evergreen Avenue

• Maple Avenue

• Aaron Court

• James Run

• Chestnut Street

• Appley Court

• Mara Court

• Beekman Place

• Hedy Avenue

• Lloyd Avenue

• Carol Court

• Oak Avenue

• Snyder Court

• Katherine Avenue

• Poplar Terrace

• Maple Terrace

• Poplar Court

• Church Road

• N Princeton Avenue

• Elma Avenue

• Ivins Avenue

• California Avenue

• Arrison Court

• Harbridge Court

• Shapley Court

• 5th Avenue

• 6th Avenue

• Bryn Mawr Avenue

• Cornell Avenue

• N Harvard Avenue

• Dickinson Avenue

• Wilbur Avenue

• Willis Avenue

• Vassar Avenue

• Pennsylvania Avenue

• Yale Avenue

• Kingswood Court

• Deer Road

• Chapel Avenue E

• Doe Lane

• Fawn Road

• Park Road

• Old Cuthbert Road

• Lowber Drive

• Salem Road

• Plymouth Drive

• Old Town Road

• Old Town Circle E and W

• Portsmouth Road

• Provincetown Circle

• Provincetown Road

• Mansfield Boulevard N and S

• Philellena Road

• Robwill Pass

• Roumfort Avenue

• Mt Pleasant Way

• Haral Place

• Chandler Terrace

• Equestrian Lane

• Polo Court

• Steeplechase Court

• Short Hill Drive

• Bridle Court

• Saddlehorn Drive

• Galloping Hill Road

• Manor House Drive

• Manor House Court

• Carriage House Court

• Furlong Drive

• Walkaway Lane

• Dressage Court

• Chalet Drive

• Chateau Drive

• Prince Drive

• Blossom Court

• Winter Place

• Autumn Lane

• Autumn Court

  • Summer Place

“The commission works with the Public Health Environmental Laboratories in Trenton to verify the presence of West Nile Virus and other communicable diseases in their samples,” Nash said. “If a pool tests positive, the Mosquito Commission returns to spray the area. The sprayings take place when the mosquitoes are most active.”

Mosquito spray is not harmful to humans or pets, but anyone who is sensitive to irritants or has respiratory concerns should avoid direct contact.

For more information, or to report a problem, contact the Camden County Mosquito Commission at (856) 566–2945 or