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Facebook posts depict racist, homophobic comments by Monroe Township School Board candidate

The screenshots from Rick Jankowski’s Facebook page date from 2013 to 2016


Monroe Township School Board candidate and Williamstown resident Rick Jankowski is shown making racist and homophobic Facebook posts between 2013 and 2016, as reported by political news site NewJerseyGlobe.com.

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As of Thursday morning, both Jankowski’s personal Facebook account and campaign Facebook page are inactive and unavailable for public view.

In addition to referring to people of color as “animals” and “monkeys,” the series of screenshots obtained by NewJerseyGlobe.com include encouraging people to search for “The Lynching” on YouTube, calling it a “very interesting video.” Jankowski also shared memes, one of which pokes fun at individuals with intellectual disabilities.

Two phone numbers listed for Jankowski went unanswered Thursday.

“An avowed racist cannot serve the best interests of all of our children. Hate has no room here in Monroe Township,” Councilman Cody Miller said in a statement provided to The Sun. “As someone who went through Monroe Township Public Schools, this is not the type of individual that we want representing our residents or advocating for our children. With all the racist, homophobic and bigoted comments we hear nationally, we must take it upon ourselves to speak out and condemn such culturally corrosive views. We are better than this and our children deserve better.”

In comments made to The Sun, Gloucester County NAACP President Loretta Winters said in a country that is so divided right now, “we don’t need more division.”

“I think it’s criminal that someone with that mindset would run for school board to represent our children and a community that is as diverse as Monroe Township, let alone Gloucester County,” Winters said. “We need someone who has the best interests of all families and all children in mind.”

Winters said Jankowski called her Thursday morning to apologize.

“He appeared to be very humble in his remarks and he said he made a mistake and he was going to take his name off the ballot,” she said.

As of Friday afternoon, Jankowski remained on the ballot. He is one of six candidates running for three seats with the Monroe Township School Board, each spanning a three-year term, in November’s BOE election. Incumbents Anthony “Tony” Ayres and James Henderson are seeking re-election against challengers Jankowski, Daniel R. Beaver, Barbara Chamberlain and Brian Cummiskey.

The Sun left a message for comment from the Monroe Township School Board.

Anthony is a graduate of Rowan University and a proud freelance contributor for 08108 magazine. He has past bylines in The Sun Newspapers and the Burlington County Times.

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