Letter to the Editor: Lisa Cenneno

Cenneno discusses an attack ad running against Andy Kim.

There is an attack ad running on television against Andy Kim that is nothing but lies and misrepresentations. It is so vile, that I assumed that Congressman Tom MacArthur, if he had a modicum of decency, would never run it. But, at the conclusion of the ad, he is seen on screen stating, “I approve this ad.”

Apparently, the congressman is so bereft of positive ideas or so ashamed of his bromance with Trump, that all he can do is run ads full,of falsehoods and innuendo. I don’t blame him for being ashamed of his voting record. Unlike many of his Republican colleagues in the New Jersey delegation, he votes his fealty to Trump ahead of his respect for the electorate.

Thank goodness we have the opportunity to make him our former congressman when we vote in November. The constituents of NJ CD 3 know the facts and will not be influenced by lies.

Lisa Cenneno