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Eastern Regional announces ordering process for new PE uniforms

New uniforms are to be purchased in the coming weeks

Eastern Regional High School is promoting the school’s new PE uniforms.

Starting this upcoming school year, every student will be required to change for class into the approved Eastern Regional High School Physical Education uniform. According to a letter posted on the school’s website, wearing the physical education uniforms will ensure all students are adequately and appropriately dressed for class, assist in personal hygiene, and aide teachers in quickly identifying their students for security purposes.

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School officials also say that uniforms cost significantly less than a comparable set of clothing.

The uniform will consist of a cardinal red “Eastern Phys. Ed” t-shirt, and navy blue mesh shorts with a similar logo on the leg portion. T-shirts will be available in Adult (Small to 3XL) and Youth (Medium to XL) sizes. Shorts will be available in Men’s (Small to 3XL), Women’s (Small to 2XL), and Youth (Medium to XL) sizes. In addition, the school is offering optional navy sweat pants and cardinal red fleece tops.

The cost of the uniform is discounted ($20) when purchasing the kit (t-shirt and shorts). Uniforms for upperclassmen can be purchased online from Aug. 15 to 22.

Go to https://team.sportsparadise.net/ and complete the follow steps:

  • Select “Eastern High School” for the organization, and then select “Physical Education 2018” for the team. To continue, click “Login”.
  • Click “Shop All Pridepacks” under the image labeled Eastern P.E. discounted kit.
  • Choose the proper size, color, and logo for the uniform set.
  • Check out if the order is complete, or select “Continue Shopping” for additional items.
  • Uniforms purchased online for upperclassmen will be delivered and distributed to students during the opening week of the school year. Uniforms for freshmen and new students can be purchased at the 2018 Freshmen & New Student Transition Camp on Aug. 21 and 22. The payment for uniforms purchased on those nights must be made in the form of cash or check payable to Eastern Regional High School.

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