Mayor’s Message: Sidewalk construction

Mayor Michael Mignogna

Over the next few weeks, the township will be repairing and replacing portions of sidewalks along Restaurant Row at the Voorhees Town Center. We are working with the restaurants to ensure no interruption in their business operations. Work will be done Monday through Thursday and parking will not be affected during this phase of the improvements. All the restaurants will be open during this project.

The work is being funded through the mall owner’s surety bond. The Township Committee aggressively pursued the previous mall owners to make these repairs. When our demands were ignored, we began legal proceedings to collect these funds that were mandated prior to the construction to cover any repairs for uncompleted work or work that was substandard. The mall owner agreed to pay the township for the work so that taxpayers’ dollars are not being used for these repairs/improvements.

The sidewalk work will be completed by the end of August. The next phase will include landscaping of the boulevard then regrading and paving the roads adjacent to Restaurant Row. When the work is completed, the roads will drain properly, eliminating the ponding of water and ice.

The last phase of the work will be the reconfiguration of the intersection of Echelon Road and Town Center Boulevard, including the addition of a traffic light. This work will begin in the fall and we expect the traffic light installation to be completed by the Spring of 2019.

The Township Committee is committed to the success of the Voorhees Town Center and is optimistic about the future of Restaurant Row and the mall itself.