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Letter to the Editor: Monique Begg

Begg questions the decisions of Congressman Tom MacArthur.

There was a time when I respected Congressman Tom MacArthur. I thought he was a man of integrity who was doing as good a job in Washington as he knew how. I assumed that, if it would ever become a matter of vital importance, he would stand his ground, set politics aside, speak truth to power and protect the interests of his constituents and the American people as a whole.

That was before the 2016 presidential election. Little did I know, then that Congressman MacArthur would morph into a servile Trumpian, one who would turn a blind eye to the reckless and shameful behavior of an authoritarian, self-serving president, whose conduct endangers our alliances and our democracy and threatens our national security.

Congressman MacArthur doesn’t deserve our trust. It would be a mistake to return him to Washington. It is time for voters to turn the page, go to the polls in November and vote Kim. We, the People, can make a difference, but only if we exercise our rights. Yes, we can take our country back. The future of our country is in our hands.

Monique Begg

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