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Life Church pastor Jamie Morgan publishes 2nd book

‘A Journey to Ministry: Discover your calling, purpose and destiny’ is available on Amazon.com

Special to The Sun: The cover of Pastor Jamie Morgan’s second book

One of the prominent ideologies in today’s culture is “finding your why.” To be successful, one needs to boil their goals to this: what they want to do and why. Pastor Jamie Morgan of the Life Church in Williamstown is helping people find their “why” in her new book “A Journey to Ministry: Discover your calling, purpose and destiny.”

Even though her book is titled “A Journey to Ministry,” Morgan stresses that while it’s an ideal book to use for Bible study, it can be used by anyone looking to find their why.

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Morgan said her driving force behind writing this book is helping people find their purpose in life.

“So many people live their lives without ever discovering their purpose. They just go through life and don’t consider why God put them on this earth,” she said. “The book is interactive — not just a reader passively reading my story of discovering my purpose. It’s interactive because I’m asking them questions to discover their story.”

She added, “The thought of living my life and getting to the end without having reached the people that God has called me to reach, done the things God called me to do, said the things God called me to say, and written the books that God has called me to write is unthinkable to me.”

In “A Journey to Ministry” Morgan tells the story of how she became a Christian. Morgan said she was in the midst of tough times — she was an alcoholic and depressed. She recalled the moment she met Jesus and he delivered her from her problems. The date, Dec. 26, 1989, is her favorite day.

“That was my favorite part of writing the book,” she said of the day she became a Christian. “I asked God for help and gave him my life and he revealed that Jesus was my Lord and Savior. After that prayer my fear was gone and I was truly a brand new person.”

She added her favorite part about writing the book was seeing it all come together. When she was in Seminary she was tasked with writing a paper about her journey to the ministry. She said she would think of all the things in her path ranging from the people who inspired her to the pain she felt to the victories she enjoyed and wrote them all down. Once she had a bunch of short stories she organized them into chapters and fleshed out the book.

Morgan has plans to write at least four more books while simultaneously achieving her doctorate from the Assemblies of God Theological Seminary. Her dissertation, which will become its own book, is on revival.

Her book is available on Amazon.com and is averaging a five-star review.

Anthony is a graduate of Rowan University and a proud freelance contributor for 08108 magazine. He has past bylines in The Sun Newspapers and the Burlington County Times.

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