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Council hopes to introduce ‘Do Not Knock’ registry for residents

First reading was met with unanimous approval, requires two readings

Knock, knock. Who’s there? No one.

Unless the members who were absent at the July council meeting feel differently than the rest of the group, borough residents will soon be able to list their addresses on a “Do Not Knock” registry.

Earlier in the month, Mayor James Bilella explained residents who wish to be bypassed by solicitors can call the township clerk and have their address listed on a registry, if the ordinance is passed later this month. The first reading of this potential ordinance took place on July 12. Every ordinance requires two readings.

“This would establish a list maintained by the borough clerk. When the permit gets issued, the list gets issued to the solicitors. … If they do knock at the door, similar to not having a permit, they would be fined for violating our ordinance,” Bilella said.

The mayor noted the borough has received several direct complaints about solicitors, and residents have also reached out to the municipality via Facebook with concerns.

“It protects the people who want to be protected,” Councilman Mike Buchanan said.

Bilella said the borough has looked to see if other municipalities are doing the same.

Several other New Jersey municipalities have implemented “Do Not Knock” registries.

In June, Washington Township implemented a no-knocking ordinance and offers residents stickers to display on their front doors along with being listed on the registry, which is issued to all registered solicitors.

The Borough of Palmyra did the same in May 2017.

Manchester Township in Ocean County and the Township of Howell in Monmouth County are two other examples on a long list of municipalities implementing this ordinance.

If passed at the next meeting, the list will be updated once a month. At first, residents will be required to call the borough clerk to be listed; however, the council is looking into a link on the borough website to offer electronic sign-up.

The next meeting is scheduled for July 24.

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