Letter to the Editor: Gerald Keer

Keer questions what should be in meeting minutes

Dear Editor,

The Township of Washington’s Solicitor serves as the chief legal advisor for the Township. Responsibilities in the township’s code include:

· Legal advisor of the Township as required by the Council or the Mayor.

· Assist of prepare ordinances, regulations, resolutions, contracts, deeds, bonds, notes and other legal papers.

· Be the attorney of record in actions or proceedings for the enforcement of ordinances and other regulations of the Township.

· Defend actions against any officers, agents or employee by reason of acts in their line of duty and in the course of their employment.

· Handle matters pertaining to tax liens and foreclosures.

· Review and approve contracts, deeds, documents and instruments prior to the execution by the Township.

· Conduct appeals from orders, decisions or judgments affecting any interest of the township directed by the council.

· Maintain a record of all actions, suits and minutes which relate to the township’s interest and file reports therof from time to time as the mayor and council may require.

· Settle and compromise, and consent of the Council, ant matters referred to him/her.

· Give necessary legal counsel and advice when required by the council or mayor.

· Preserve records of Department.

The Solicitor hired by the mayor, however is not elected, nor a resident of our town. Early in the Solicitor’s term he announced himself Parliamentarian regarding matters of Robert’s Rules in the conduct of council meetings. Was it proper or out of order during the council meetings of May 9, 2018 when he whispered in the ears of council members? After which the meeting’s hearing of resident concerns was terminated. After many weeks the minutes of May 9 were published, but no mention of the whispers is made in the minutes. Do voters have a right to know what was whispered or does Robert’s Rules ignore whispers?

Gerald Keer