Hometown boy finds his roots back in Palmyra

You can find Casparro improving Palmyra’s main thoroughfare, Broad Street, and he wouldn’t have it any other way.

There was a time when Palmyra native John Casparro thought his path would lead him to Wall Street. These days, you are more likely to find Casparro improving Palmyra’s main thoroughfare, Broad Street, and he wouldn’t have it any other way.

“I have always loved Palmyra,” Casparro said. “It’s part of who I am.”

Having grown up in Palmyra, Casparro has fond childhood memories of purchasing baseball cards and working at the local pharmacy in town. Today, he is making new memories in his hometown with his expectant wife and daughter.

Casparro attended Palmyra High School, eventually going to Cabrini University in Radnor, Pa., dual-majoring in finance and accounting, where he was the first president of the Honors Program. Graduating in 2007 with his bachelor’s degrees in finance and accounting, Casparro had always had a desire to work on Wall Street, but fate — and the 2008 stock market crash — altered those plans.

After graduation, Casparro obtained his CPA license, and although there were periods when he left town, he somehow found his way back. He permanently moved back in 2015 with his family, with the intention of breathing new life into his hometown.

Casparro currently serves as chief operating officer of Goodman Properties, a real estate development and management firm. In 2016, he took on yet another role.

A few years ago, Casparro embarked on a journey to beautify public spaces in Palmyra by coming up with the Palmyra Improvement Association, a nonprofit that is responsible for revitalizing the downtown area.

Since a young age, Casparro was always a doer. He has kept himself active in all aspects of his life, according to longtime childhood friend, Meredith O’Brien-Hinsey. O’Brien said that since she can remember, Casparro was always involved in school activities and shined in his role as student council president in high school.

“Growing up, John was always someone who wanted to do something,’’ O’Brien said. “He is genuine with everything does.’’

When Casparro is not working, his favorite activities involve spending time with his family and landscaping his back yard. Of everything he has accomplished, being a father, he said, is one of his best ones.

“Having a kid helps you focus on what’s important,’’ Casparro said. “When I’m frustrated, I can look up at the picture on my desk and know everything will be all right.”

Mindie Weiner, a councilwoman for Palmyra, has known Casparro for years and says he has always had a strong desire to be part of the community. Weiner said the Palmyra Improvement Association has helped “energize” and help with a variety of projects, including planting and maintaining flower beds along Broad Street; the holiday market; craft and food vendors along Broad Street; and is bringing on a new venture, Porch Walk Music Festival.

“He makes the efforts needed to make our community the best it can be,” Weiner said.