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Art Goes to School in need of volunteers for 2018–19 school year

Art Goes to School brings reproductions of important artwork to elementary schools in Cherry Hill.

Art Goes to School is an organization that has been in the Cherry Hill Public Schools for many years. AGTS brings reproductions of important artwork to children grades one to five. Pictures are on loan from the Philadelphia Museum of Art each year. Many communities in Delaware and Pennsylvania offer this to their elementary school children. Cherry Hill is particularly lucky to offer this program to the schools in the district. At the end of the school session in June an AGTS representative returns the art works to the Philadelphia Art Museum and new selections are made for the following year.

Volunteers to the Art Goes to School program prepare in September to teach the Cherry Hill students the art pictures. Each person chooses their favorite picture, prepares a report on it and shares the information with the group. Many of the pictures have information that is included in a portfolio that can be used when putting together a report. The meetings are weekly, lasting one and a half hours, including a breakfast. Lesson plans are worked on by the group during the final days of preparation so each person feels comfortable with the portfolio that will be presented. All classroom assignments to the schools are based on the volunteer’s personal schedule.

Presently this program is in need of new volunteers. The group consists of mothers, grandmothers, retired teachers or anyone who has an interest in art or would like to learn more about art and its artist. No prior art background is needed. A love of children, an opportunity to meet new friends, and the desire to explore something new in your life, is all you need to be a member of this enriching program. For more information contact Betty Hill, at Bettyhillcat@gmail.com or Linda Markoff at lindatzippi@comcast.net.

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