Weekly roundup: Voorhees fire breather lands on reality TV, teen entrepreneur starts nonprofit

Check out what made headlines this week.

Letter to the Editor: Look Both Ways and Take Your Trash With You!

A Voorhees resident expresses concern about traffic safety in the township after a dangerous experience driving out of Sunshine Lakes.

Sun Editorial: Finally all states, including New Jersey, can reap sports betting rewards

State leaders estimate the legalization of sports betting will add $13 million to the state’s treasury in its first year.

Mayor’s Message: Connolly Park has plenty to offer community

Mayor Mignogna discusses the variety of offerings at the township’s ‘49-acre oasis.”

Teen entrepreneur starts nonprofit organization to benefit millennials

Quandell Iglesia, teen entrepreneur, leading a conference for his nonprofit organization SNJ Millennials. (Special to The Sun)

Quandell Iglesia opened two businesses before he turned 18-years-old. In his third act, he wanted to give back to his generation. His latest creation, SNJ Millennials, is based on three pillars: Support, Mentor and Volunteer. Support when and how you can, provide leadership by mentoring and volunteer at local high schools and universities.

On Campus: Voorhees students make the grade in college

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Osage students help bring awareness to elephants living in Tennessee sanctuary

Students at Osage raise awareness for elephants in need. (Special to The Sun)

Along with making a quilt, the fourth graders raised more than $300 to send to The Elephant Sanctuary.

Fire breather Voorhees native takes the stage of “America’s Got Talent”

A talent that unfolded in a local Six Flags has led Nathan Spare to national television, as the speciality skills performer who was born in Voorhees made the first round of auditions in this season of “America’s Got Talent” with his fire breathing abilities.