Weekly Roundup: Teen entrepreneur, Carranza memorial, The Goodness Chick

Catch up on what happened this week in Shamong.

Teen entrepreneur starts nonprofit organization to benefit millennials

Pictured is Quandell Iglesia.


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The Sun

It’s interesting how people find their calling in life. For Quandell Iglesia, an 18-year old from Williamstown, he knew from his first job experience he was destined for great things.

When he was just 16 years old, Iglesia was disheartened by his job in the fast-food industry. Instead of tucking his tail between his legs, he founded his first company, Photobliss, LLC.

Iglesia saw a need for photography in his area, and due to his involvement in the community as president of the Interact and DECA clubs, he took the opportunity and ran. Upon graduation, Iglesia started another business, Quandell Iglesia Consulting.

With two businesses under his belt by the time he turned 18, Iglesia found himself wanting more; so he started a nonprofit, SNJ Millennials.

The concept came to him in August 2017, and came to fruition in September of the same year. SNJ Millennials is comprised of young business professionals and provides revolutionary networking mixers, workshops and business educational resources. It serves from Camden, Gloucester and Burlington counties to Ocean and Atlantic counties.

For more information about SNJ Millennials, visit its website, www.snjmillennials.org.

President of Mexico invited to 90th annual memorial service of Emilio Carranza

This year marks the 90th annual memorial service in honor of Capt. Emilio Carranza, a beloved pilot of the Mexican Army Air Corps.

This year, however, local officials are hopeful a special guest will be in attendance.

Shamong Mayor Michael Di Croce reached out to the president of Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto, to invite him to this memorial service.

The invitation welcomed Nieto to the memorial by saying, “We would be most honored for you to join us in honoring Captain Emilio Carranza Rodriguez and his heroic goodwill flight as this is a very special moment for the Mexican and American people.”

Nieto’s response to the invitation is pending, however, Di Croce is hopeful he will be in attendance, stating, “We want to let him know the people of America remember what Carranza did and we cherish the relationship between the two countries.”

The Goodness Chick parts with Seneca High School to embark on a 10 month journey

Erin Lawler Patterson is checking items off her bucket list one book at a time. Patterson promised herself she would publish a book before she turned 40, and she did just that. She released her first book, “Peace, Love & Goodness: Lessons from the Drug Lady,” months shy of her 40th birthday.

She recently released her second book, “A Higher Level of Goodness: Lessons from the Drug Lady” and will be checking off the next item on her bucket list — travel to 50 countries before she turns 50.

Her second book, which she started writing immediately after the first’s release, takes a closer look at the impact of mental health stigmas and improving one’s quality of life. As she parts with the high school to pursue her travels, she stated the past 14 years at Seneca have been a beautiful chapter in her life.

Her next chapter begins on July 9, as Patterson, along with her husband and 3-year-old son, will explore approximately 20 countries over the next 10 months. Having previously visited 43 countries, Patterson can proudly check this accomplishment off her list.

Patterson’s new book, “A Higher Level of Goodness: Lessons from the Drug Lady” can be purchased on Amazon.

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