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Weekly Roundup: Patrick Heavens and diversity in Haddonfield

Catch up on the biggest stories in Haddonfield this week.

Patrick Heavens shares his story and diversity in Haddonfield. Catch up on everything from the past week in the Weekly Roundup.

Haddonfield: A look behind the controversy

After a white Haddonfield Memorial High School lacrosse player allegedly hurled a racial insult at a black, female track and field participant from Sterling High School last month, many in the community have been seeking ways to make the borough more diverse. The alleged incident gained traction in the news and brought residents and non-residents alike to step in and act as a catalyst for change.

Patrick Heavens: The man behind the picture

At an intersection in Haddonfield, Allan Heavens looked over to see his son, Patrick, smiling back at him. A larger-than-life photo of Patrick, plastered on the side of a Goodwill truck, has traveled all over South Jersey. However, Haddonfield knew him first. When asked how he felt about his picture being displayed all over Camden County, Patrick said he was “excited” to see it, with a grin ear to ear. Although Patrick is not a man of many words, his story tells thousands. Director of Corporate Communications of Goodwill Industries of Southern New Jersey and Philadelphia Juli Lundberg said Patrick was the perfect fit for Goodwill’s campaign, started several years back to show the faces of Goodwill.

Teen entrepreneur starts nonprofit organization to benefit millennials

It’s interesting how people find their calling in life. For Quandell Iglesia, an 18-year old from Williamstown, he knew from his first job experience he was destined for great things. When he was just 16 years old, Iglesia was disheartened by his job in the fast-food industry. Instead of tucking his tail between his legs, he founded his first company, Photobliss, LLC. “I felt like I wasn’t being used to my highest potential.” he said.

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