Osage students help bring awareness to elephants living in Tennessee sanctuary

The fourth graders raised more than $300 to send to The Elephant Sanctuary.

Students at Osage raise awareness for elephants in need. (Special to The Sun)

Congratulations to Colleen Rossi’s fourth grade students at Osage School in Voorhees. Students created an Elephant Sanctuary Quilt to help bring awareness to the needs of the African and Asian Elephants at The Elephant Sanctuary in Hohenwold, Tennessee.

Rossi’s students also created “Friendship Pins” to sell for 25 cents each to students in grades kindergarten to fifth grade at Osage. In total, these amazing fourth grade students raised more than $300 to send to The Elephant Sanctuary. The money will be used to “Feed An Elephant For A Day”.

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Rossi has worked with the sanctuary for more than twenty years, teaching students at Osage School about the retired Asian and African elephants, who worked in zoos and circuses, to live out their life at the sanctuary.

Rossi was selected to be a volunteer this August at the sanctuary, which does not allow visitors as the elephants are truly retired. She can’t wait to personally visit the sanctuary. She will come back to Osage next year and continue her mission of teaching about The Elephant Sanctuary.

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