Letter to the Editor: Look Both Ways and Take Your Trash With You!

A Voorhees resident expresses concern about traffic safety in the township.

By: Miriam Gilbert

Voorhees Township resident

On June 14, a car coming out of Sunshine Lakes almost hit me. I had to yell, “Look both ways!” to the teen driver who didn’t make a full stop and turned right onto Cooper Road without looking to his right for pedestrians. What looked like his mother was in the passenger seat. Then a female driver coming out of Victor Boulevard did the same. I yelled, “Look both ways, jackass!”

Failing to make a full stop at stop signs and failing to exercise neck movement to the left and to the right before making a turn is common practice among motorists. This puts pedestrians, walkers and runners at great risk.

I suggest that permanently placing signage reading “Be a good driver and look both ways before proceeding” underneath every stop sign would be good use of my super high tax dollars.

And I would not mind allocating my tax dollars to post signage reading “Take your trash with you! “ throughout Victor Boulevard and other areas where some people think it’s perfectly fine to dump their trash.

About once a month my husband and I, instead of going for a run, arm ourselves with garbage bags and gardening gloves to clean up other people’s road and trail trash — poopy diapers, dog poop in plastic bags, fast food debris, tons of mini booze bottles, beer cans and liquor bottles, cigarette boxes, cigarette butts and other gross trash. What does all this trash say about the people dumping it? Would they appreciate folks dumping trash on their property? I don’t think so!

Exercise common sense. Exercise those neck muscles and look both ways when driving, and take your trash with you. Be a good driver and a good steward of our only Earth! Honestly, it’s not hard!