Weekly Roundup: Haddonfield resident honors her husband and photo contest top this week’s stories

Catch up on the biggest stories in Haddonfield this week.

Haddonfield resident finds a way to honor her husband and new photo contest. Catch up on everything from the past week in the Weekly Roundup.

Haddonfield resident finds a way to honor her husband

For Nancy Broz, she hopes her donated sculpture can bring others joy, as her husband, Boris Broz, did. The new sculpture, ‘’Steadfast and Loyal,’’ donated to the borough by Nancy has replaced the piece by sculptor Adam Garey, “Deflection,” on Kings Highway and has already been putting smiles on the faces of residents, according to Nancy. Three months from the time it was ordered, the 450-pound bronze sculpture with a plaque, reading “In loving memory with Boris Broz, given by his wife Nancy’’ was installed late last month on Kings Highway. The sculpture depicts two older individuals, a male and female, enjoying a book, with a cat lying in the woman’s lap.

New photo contest sparking attention for the upcoming Fourth of July Parade

The Haddonfield Celebrations Association works behind the scenes orchestrating of some of the biggest events in town, and this year’s Fourth of July celebration is no exception. In fact, a new initiative to get residents excited about the association and its activities has come to fruition in the form of a hashtag. A new volunteer with the association, Lindsey Watson McCarthy, helped develop a #ilove08033 photography contest for the July 3rd and 4th celebration, hosted by the association. Those attending the celebration are encouraged to take a photo and post it on their Facebook or Instagram account with the hashtag, #ilove08033.

Multipurpose bond ordinance passed on second reading at Tuesday’s meeting

It was a light agenda at last Tuesday night’s borough commission meeting. A bond ordinance was approved on second reading to improve the fire house and public works department. Commissioners will also be going out for bid on some new items. Some of the most significant costs in the bond ordinance include the purchasing of equipment for the public works department and building improvements. “Every year we have to purchase equipment, a lot of it is for public works,” Mayor Neal Rochford said. “We do beat the heck out of the vehicles in public works.”