Haddonfield resident finds a way to honor her husband

For Nancy Broz, she hopes her donated sculpture can bring others joy, as her husband, Boris Broz, did.

For Nancy Broz, she hopes her donated sculpture can bring others joy, as her husband, Boris Broz, did. The new sculpture, ‘’Steadfast and Loyal,’’ donated to the borough by Nancy has replaced the piece by sculptor Adam Garey, “Deflection,” on Kings Highway and has already been putting smiles on the faces of residents, according to Nancy.

Three months from the time it was ordered, the 450-pound bronze sculpture with a plaque, reading “In loving memory with Boris Broz, given by his wife Nancy’’ was installed late last month on Kings Highway. The sculpture depicts two older individuals, a male and female, enjoying a book, with a cat lying in the woman’s lap.

Although residents may have noticed a new sculpture in town, what they may not realize is the story behind it.

Nancy met her late husband Boris while attending Ursinus College in Collegeville, Pa. She fondly recalled his infectious laugh, sense of humor and ability to make others smile. Boris, a business major and Nacy, an English education major, hit it off right away.

“We met at the homecoming dance,” Nancy said. “I remember he asked me to grab a hamburger at a local restaurant and we clicked.”

One date eventually led to 55 years of marriage, which resulted in countless laughs and travels all over the world before the couple settled in Haddonfield. The two also enjoyed theater and the arts as well as water skiing, tennis and other outdoor activities.

Nancy fondly recalled Boris’ commitment and loyalty. At a time when the two were in a long-distance relationship in college, Boris continuously made efforts to be by her side. Nancy said a softball injury had prevented Boris from driving during that period, so he took matters into his own hands and hitch hiked from North Jersey to Waynesboro, Pa., to visit her on one occasion.

“I will never forget it,” Nancy said.

Unfortunately, the two encountered difficulties when Boris developed Alzheimer’s. After a decade, Boris passed away from the illness in 2015, with Nancy at his side. Nancy cared for him the entire time until his passing.

Nancy thought the sculpture would be a way to add more artistic life to Haddonfield, while remembering her husband. She decided to name the sculpture “Steadfast and Loyal” because of a moment she had with Boris her junior year of college.

According to Nancy, Boris gave her his army pin that read “steadfast and loyal,” vowing to her, ‘’I’ll be never be exciting, but I will always be steadfast and loyal.’’

Nancy encourages people to enjoy the sculpture and all of the art around Haddonfield. Most of all, Nancy hopes that the statue will bring joy to passer-bys in the same way her husband has.

“I want them to walk away with a smile on their face,’’ Nancy said.