WWII vet visits Moorestown first graders

Irv Horowitz paid a visit to his great-grandniece’s classroom.

World War II veteran, Irv Horwitz, 98, spoke to his great-grandniece’s first grade class in Moorestown about his time in the military in honor of Memorial Day. On Thursday, May 24, Sari Horwitz, seven, welcomed Horwitz to Miss. Potts’ class at Mary E. Roberts Elementary school after she invited him to speak as part of Miss. Potts’ Memorial Day curriculum.

Horwitz, who was a pilot and a navigator as part of the 345th Bomb Group during WWII, told the kids all about his experiences while in the military.

“The kids were hanging onto Uncle Irv’s every word,” Potts said. “All the children showed Uncle Irv a great deal of respect, and I couldn’t have been prouder of them.”

After enlisting in the army at age 18, Horwitz served for four years. He told the kids all about how the Air Force began after WWII, how he was a part of the Army Air Corp and explained to the children how his doctor told him to eat a lot of bananas and drink a lot of water to gain the necessary three pounds he needed to make the weight requirement to serve. Horwitz also told the class about receiving a Silver Star and when he met President Truman, who honored him for his service.

The kids had questions prepared such as why he joined the army, where he was when serving and even what games he played and food he ate while deployed. The children were so impressed with Horwitz that they told him things like “You are a hero,” “Thank you for protecting all of us!” and “You are the most amazing person I have ever met.”

As part of their Memorial Day curriculum, Miss. Potts’ class planted a Memorial Garden filled with red, white and blue flowers, American flags and pinwheels. Along with these decorations, Sari Horwitz chose her Uncle Irv’s name to include on a yellow ribbon in addition to this presentation. The yellow ribbons were tied to the decorations in the potted flowers.