Sun Editorial: A recent study says New Jersey residents aren’t having much fun at all

New Jersey ranked 27th, behind such hot spots as South Dakota, New Mexico and Oklahoma.


If property taxes aren’t enough to make you sad, a recent study suggests there are even more reasons New Jersey residents aren’t having much fun.

Personal finance site WalletHub recently released the results of a study that ranked the states by how much fun their residents have. Some 26 weighted indicators were considered, ranging from the number of performing arts centers, restaurants and golf courses, to access to national parks and the per capita amount spent on recreation.

New Jersey ranked 27th, behind such hot spots as South Dakota, New Mexico and Oklahoma. That’s just sad. While the state got a high mark for the number of fitness centers (it ranked fourth-best), it fell off in areas such as the number of skiing facilities, where New Jersey came in at №36.

We think the study got it wrong. New Jersey is a lot of things and has a lot of flaws, but, when it comes to having fun, there are a lot of opportunities.

Let’s start with the Shore. We’re pretty sure New Jersey has better beaches than Oklahoma, for example. And we’re certain the Ocean City Boardwalk tops all South Dakota boardwalks. Does South Dakota even have a boardwalk?

Then there’s Atlantic City. By itself, it should boost the state’s ranking in terms of all of the nightlife categories.

Want to tour a decorated battleship? No problem. And when you’re done, walk next door and check out a great aquarium.

We have a Six Flags, too.

Searching for something more obscure to check out? Visit the Hindenburg crash site, the “War of the Worlds” monument or the site where World War I officially ended for the United States.

Not enough? Spend a few days and nights tracking the Jersey Devil in the Pine Barrens.

New Jersey residents have a lot to deal with, but having fun isn’t really a problem.