Letter to the Editor: Lola Parker Kearney

Tatem Elementary School’s fifth grade student Lola Parker Kearney discusses what she’s learned about flexible lunch in her letter to the editor.

I would like to see kids having a flexible lunch at school. What I mean by flexible lunch is an hour of lunch/recess. Kids who finish their lunch early could go outside for recess, and kids who take longer can have extra time to eat. Right now it is 25 minutes for recess and 25 minutes for lunch. But I think kids should be able to have flexible time, based on what each kid needs.

Just imagine you’re a little kid, maybe in 1st , 2nd, or 3rd grade and you’re outside for recess. It feels like you just got out there when the whistle blows saying recess is over. You are not done with the games you were playing with your best friend, who you hardly ever get to see. That precious time was just lost, and the reason that time is so precious is because the more that kids use their imagination, the more organized they are in the future. Plus it helps them to be sympathetic and to put themselves in other people’s shoes, and that makes the world a much better place. So why not just give them more play time if they want it?

Kids NEED to eat. If they don’t, who knows what could happen. Well, actually I know what will happen, and I know you will not like it.

Let me tell you what will happen when kids eat too quickly. Well first there is the risk of heart disease, second it leads to chest pain and stomach pain, lastly it makes the sugar in food give more calories. So when I eat my lunch really quickly, and I get a stomach pain, I can’t concentrate, and the rest of the day I’m getting many questions wrong. So give us time to eat.

I guarantee if kids have more time outside, everyone will benefit. Research shows that the more that kids play sports, the higher their self esteem. It also reduces depression, which will make them happier. And who doesn’t want a happy kid.

Now do you agree that we should have a flexible lunch? If you don’t, why not? A high number of students says we should have a flexible lunch! This is a good idea because it expands children’s imagination, it helps kids not be rushed at lunch, and kids will help kids with self esteem.

We need to get this problem over with, so spread the word.



Mrs. Bushey’s fifth Grade Student

Tatem Elementary School