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Earth Day and Arbor Day were celebrated at Indian Mills Elementary School

Kindergarten classes were taught how to plant and care for a dogwood tree.

Students of Indian Mills Elementary School planting the dogwood tree donated by Oakshade Nursery.

Jennifer Trauger always seems to find a way to bring her topics to life, and she outdid herself this year as part of her science lesson. The Indian Mills School kindergarten classes were learning about the issues associated with Earth Day and Arbor Day; focusing on the need to keep the planet populated with trees as a way of benefitting all of us. The students were naturally concerned with how trees help our environment, how they are cared for in the wild, as well as what they could do to help them thrive.

Once she completed the lesson, Trauger told her students that they were going to take the idea of Arbor Day a step further and lined her class up and marched them outside to the playground. There, positioned and prepared for planting, through the help of the custodial staff, was a majestic dogwood tree, donated by “Mr. George” of Oakshade Nursery in Shamong.

The location of the tree will provide the students with a clear view to watch it grow during their years at IMS and become a testament to their efforts on behalf of the school and the community for years to come. The addition of this tree has brought with it new chore: daily watering and care. The zeal with which the students attack that responsibility ensures that this dogwood will be the healthiest tree in Shamong.

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