Letter to the Editor: A message from Mayor Daniel Teefy

Learn about Mayor Teefy’s “why”

Mayor Daniel Teefy. Special to The Sun

Why do I do it? I get asked this question a lot over my term as Mayor of Monroe Township. Recently at the opening night of the Cross Keys Brewery on Main St. I had a gentleman walk up to me to personally thank me and shake my hand for the most positive progress he has seen in 52 years on Main St. To see children playing on the new Handicapped Accessible Playground at Mary Mazza Duffy Park, funds raised by the Williamstown Sunrise Rotary Club, built by the rotary and community volunteers. Abandoned houses getting registered, cleaned up and sold off to keep property values from falling. Roads getting paved in town though our roads program. Residents are seeing these positive changes and letting me know as I am around the town. These are some of the reasons I do it.

Having grown up in Williamstown I have always saw leaders in town giving back while I was a youth. Be it coaching, public office, public safety volunteers, I looked up to them. Once I was old enough I wanted to give back also, coaching basketball was the start for me. Taking a leadership role as a coach, then president of MTYB opened more doors for me. People kept asking me to be more involved with public service, encouraging me that I could make a difference in our town. Which lead me to serve on Council for 12 years. As time went by more people reached out to me to run for Mayor. All I wanted to do years ago was coach. I am now completing my first term as Mayor, proud to serve the people of our town. That is one of the main reasons I do it, the residents in town.

I’ve heard from residents the past year hoping I would run for re-election as Mayor. On Tuesday June 5th I am running for re-election in the democratic primary. Your support on Election Day is key to keeping the positive direction going for our town.

Daniel P. Teefy — Mayor Township of Monroe