Apology issued, action taken on Cherry Hill East senior prom ticket

Cherry Hill East principal Dennis Perry issued a letter of apology after he said several community members were offended by the “party like it’s 1776” statement on the school’s senior prom ticket.

Cherry Hill High School East principal Dennis Perry released a letter of apology late last week after he stated numerous members of the school community were offended by a statement on the school’s senior prom ticket.

According to the letter, the statement on the prom ticket said students could “party like it’s 1776.” The event is scheduled to take place at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia.

In the letter, Perry said it was “insensitive and irresponsible not to appreciate that not all communities can celebrate what life was like in 1776.”

The school announced three actions in response to the ticket. Students will not be required to bring the ticket to gain entrance to prom. All attending students will also receive a commemorative prom ticket with a new design at the event. In addition, Perry said safe guards will be added to ensure a diverse group of people view the information before its distribution.