Letter to the Editor: Lisa G. Flick

Flick wanted to express her appreciation to the people of New Jersey.

I live in a small town in Florida but recently spent two weeks in Moorestown to help my daughter out with her new baby. Helping out meant I had to drive to various places like schools, stores and airports. Getting lost was a daily event.

While I know some may laugh at what I am going to say, I have to admit that I have never met more courteous drivers in my life! Every time I had to change a lane, the car behind me dropped back for me to do so. When I got lost going to the airport, a young man having his car filled at the gas station told me to follow him, and we maintained a telephone connection at his insistence.

Nobody asked me my political party or religious views. They were just being nice. In this day and age of negative news, I just wanted to express my appreciation to the people of New Jersey.

Lisa G. Flick