Moorestown Business Association spotlight: Blissed Out Mamas

The Moorestown Business Association awarded Blissed Out Mamas a certificate of acknowledgement as part of its’ ongoing Spotlight program.

From left to right: MBA President Steven Pazienza, Donna Favilla, Lisa Broderick-Cohen, Maria Laurenti, and MBA Vice President Annette McGuire.
Photo credit: Tom Sheckels

Lisa Broderick-Cohen is passionate about babies — everyone’s babies. It is her mission to empower expectant mothers with confidence and awareness about their options in newborn care, specifically their knowledge and understanding about breastfeeding and then provide supportive coaching when babies arrive. The nurturing services provided by her aptly named business, Blissed Out Mamas, are designed to strengthen the special relationship between mother and child and provide women with a resource for information, assistance and community. Just before Mother’s Day, the Moorestown Business Association awarded Blissed Out Mamas a certificate of acknowledgement as part of its’ ongoing Spotlight program that highlights new and established township businesses.

Mothers engaging the services of Blissed Out Mamas will know that their concerns are taken seriously. Broderick-Cohen understands first-hand how bewildering breastfeeding can be. Her difficult experience with her daughter 15 years ago is what led her into the profession. During her pregnancy and after delivery, she broached the subject of breastfeeding with her medical professionals. Though they were knowledgeable about delivery and medical care of newborns, she discovered they knew little about, had no advice for and did not really encourage breastfeeding. She immersed herself in research about the subject, attended meetings and gained reassurance from La Leche League, and after reaching out for emergency assistance from an IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant), ultimately had a successful and life-changing experience nursing her daughter.

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It was at that point that Broderick-Cohen knew she wanted to help other mothers enjoy the same outcome. The former fashion designer became a La Leche League Leader and went through the educational process of becoming an IBCLC. Once licensed, she worked as a lactation consultant for the Penn Medicine Health System for more than eight years. She also started a clinical private practice, developing a broad clientele that included many doctors. She was satisfied with her work within the hospital system but wanted to reach more women and offer a wider array of services. Broderick-Cohen launched Blissed Out Mamas with the goal of supporting women, babies and families on many levels.

Blissed Out Mamas provides lactation home visits, office visits and classes, and the services are covered by major insurance companies. Broderick-Cohen works with each mother and baby to ensure that both are deriving the optimal benefit from the process and is armed with multiple options to accommodate various situations. She understands the importance of house calls, providing assistance when babies are first brought home, but she is delighted to welcome parents and their babies to her new business on Main Street in Moorestown. Drawing on her background in the art world, Lisa has transformed the former office space into an inviting and nurturing enclave.

In addition to the lactation consultation that Broderick-Cohen provides, she partners with Donna Favilla to make prenatal massage and reflexology available. Baby classes and doula services are also offered. Across the hall from the area where Favilla welcomes expectant moms, Broderick-Cohen has designed a serene room devoted to individual lactation assistance, and another colorful, comfortable space where different kinds of classes can gather. In the reception area of the Main Street complex, clients can browse a line of holistic products for mothers and babies to assist with lactation and nurturing.

Broderick-Cohen is excited to bring her concept to Main Street in her home town and believes her business will draw clients from across the region, including Philadelphia due to her connections through Penn Medicine. She is also working through South Jersey health systems to spread the word about the resources Blissed Out Mamas provides.

“We want to make as many people as possible aware of the education and support that families can find with us,” Broderick-Cohen said. “Like my experience, most moms don’t know where to go for help. We’re here to change that and truly make a difference in their lives.”

Moorestown Business Association recognizes the value of opening a unique, family-centric business on Main Street and is delighted to welcome Broderick-Cohen’s Blissed Out Mamas as a new MBA member. To learn more about the business, visit

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