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Ordinance presented for food trucks to be placed on Main Street

The idea was presented to allow food trucks on Main Street one night a month to promote foot traffic

At last week’s Medford Council meeting, a draft ordinance was presented for food trucks to be stationed on Main Street one to two nights a month to create more foot traffic in the warmer months and to encourage people to visit the restaurants and shops along the street.

The number of food trucks and exact location will be determined at a later date; however, the roads are expected to remain open while the food trucks are in place. If there is success on Main Street, there may be an expansion to nearby streets and parks.

The addition of regulations on generator noise has also been added to the ordinance to avoid strong odors and noise.

Medford resident Marlo Cucchiaro spoke in favor of food trucks on Main Street.

“As a person living by Main Street, I see everything that goes on there and it’s great, but we could do way more, we don’t do enough. I think that the food truck idea is a nice idea,” Cucchiaro said.

Cucchiaro went on to suggest the trucks should be in place Friday night because the breweries are busier and more people can stay out later on that night.

A first reading of an ordinance could be introduced at the next meeting, if the council feels it is ready.

There were concerns from multiple residents about a new municipal building and library, as discussed at the previous meeting, to be located at 51 Union St.

Ted Cook has been a resident of Medford since 1975 and is one of the residents who live by Union Street who are worried about the safety of residents and children in the area.

“Personally, I’m concerned about accidents in and out of this property,” Cook said. “I witness, every morning and every afternoon, parents trying to squeeze down Allen Avenue to pick up their kids.”

Mayor Chuck Watson responded by saying, “Our engineer is going to be looking at access and sewage and everything. We’re not going to skip any of those normal processes that anyone that was building something would have to do, and make sure of the location of the driveway, there will be a traffic study done, etc., to make sure that it doesn’t cause an issue.”

The next meeting is scheduled for May 22 at 7 p.m. at the Public Safety Building located at 91 Union St.

In other news:

  • Through the continued efforts of the Environmental Affairs Advisory Committee and the Pinelands Garden Club, Medford has been recognized as a “Tree City USA” community for the 40th consecutive year.
  • Letters have been sent to remove charitable clothing bins if placed illegally. People who are legally registered are allowed to leave the bins in place this year but will have to re-apply for next year.
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