Letter to the Editor: Kate Wilson

Kate Wilson urges those concerned about gun violence to vote on November 6.

“Let us not respond with a moment of silence, let’s respond with action” — Andy Kim on May 7, 2018.

This has never been more true. I’ve just returned from the Andy Kim/Gaby Giffords/Mark Kelly Gun Violence Prevention Rally held at the Moorestown Community House, and as I stood in the sun listening to the speakers, I was moved to tears. Seeing Gaby Giffords speaking at the podium while she still battles the horrific gun injuries inflicted on her 7 years ago; hearing her husband Mark Kelly talk about the latest CDC data that shows that 38,000 people were killed by guns in 2016 and then being reminded by Andy Kim that it’s been 218 days since the Las Vegas Shooting and 82 days since Parkland. During this time, our Congressman, Tom MacArthur, has done nothing meaningful to help bring about sensible gun legislation that would help to prevent these sort of senseless tragedies.

In fact, he has done the opposite. He was the first New Jersey Congressman to co-sponsor the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Bill, supporting an NRA-backed measure that would make it easier for people from other states (with much laxer gun laws) to carry concealed weapons in New Jersey. The risks this act brings has led the International Association of Chiefs of Police, (representing 18,000 departments across America), to write to Congress asking for the act to be rejected.

Given all of this, I believe it has never been more important to have an independent, thoughtful, non-NRA funded representative for our district. I am sure Congressman MacArthur is a pleasant and friendly person, but sadly, his willingness to accept NRA money and his “A” rating from that same group, means that I don’t believe he will vote with the safety of his constituents in mind. Andy Kim has made it clear he will support the common sense gun legislation that many constituents want, so please, if you care about the impact that gun violence is having on communities across this country, make sure your vote counts on November 6.

Kate Wilson