Registration open for summer leadership programs for teens at Mt. Laurel’s Alice Paul Institute

The two programs available are designed to help middle school and high school students develop their leadership skills.

Area teens are once again invited to develop their leadership skills this summer by learning from the institute dedicated to the legacy of one of the main leaders of the campaign for the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

Registration is now open for two summer leadership programs from Mt. Laurel’s Alice Paul Institute, through which API officials say middle school and high school students can explore the traits and habits needed to develop strong leadership skills.

The first program the API is offering this summer is the four-day “Alice Paul Professional Leadership Institute” geared toward preparing girls to attend college and eventually work in their chosen professional fields.

The program, open to girls ages 14 through 18 attending high school this fall, will allow girls to choose the college best suited for their needs, navigate the college application process, plan to finance their education, develop interview skills, work on a resume and study business etiquette.

Kris Myers, director of programs for API, described the program as an attempt to expose girls to as many different career opportunities and different majors as possible, including those fields where women may be underrepresented, such science, technology, engineering or math (STEM).

“It’s really just about trying to get girls to think about different types of careers and think about careers they might not have thought about before, as well as get a realistic sense of what they might want to do,” Myers said.

In examining evaluations of the program from past participants, Myers said the girls consistently cited how they learned something new every day.

“They really do talk about how they come in with one idea, and then they get a much more realistic sense of what their career might be or where they might head to college as a result of this program,” Myers said.

In addition, Myers the program will allow girls to network with women in the greater Philadelphia and South Jersey region from various professional fields, such as STEM fields, business, finance, law, medical sciences, educators, artists and more.

“We try to expose them to many women mentors, both in our workplace visits and in our final day where we have a networking session where usually more than 25 women come to Paulsdale to talk with the girls one-on-one as the girls practice their networking skills,” Myers said.

Three sessions of the Alice Paul Professional Leadership Institute are available, with sessions lasting from June 25 through June 28, from July 9 through July 12 and from July 16 to July 19.

Each session will be held from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., at Paulsdale, the childhood home of Alice Paul, located at 128 Hooten Road in Mt. Laurel.

The other program hosted by the API this summer is entitled Lead-A-Way, which mainly focuses on the development of leadership skills across five days of activities and discussions.

With the program, API officials say students will study the leadership traits API believe are demonstrated by effective leaders, such as positive assertiveness, communication, working in a team and understanding integrity.

“We introduce our students to women role models from history, such as Alice Paul or Ida Wells-Barnett, or women that are living today, such as Dolores Huerta or Sonia Sotomayor. We teach them about these role models and how they demonstrate traits of leadership,” Myers said.

Two sessions of the half-day program will take place, with one session available for girls ages 11 through 13, and the other session open to girls and boys ages 14 to 18.

Every session of the Lead-A-Away program will be held from 9 a.m. to noon, at Rowan College of Burlington County’s Mt. Laurel campus located at 900 College Circle.

The program will also includes a field trip to Paulsdale, the childhood home Paul and now home of the API.

For more information on the Alice Paul Professional Leadership Institute or to register, visit

The program costs $275 per girl/ per session, with need-based full and partial scholarships available.

For more information on the Lead-A-Way program or to register, visit

The program costs $225 per student per session.