Human Trafficking event “Youth At Risk” held in Sewell

Freeholders speak to public about importance of awareness

On Wednesday, April 11, Freeholder Jim Jefferson, liaison to the Department of Health and Human Services, spoke at the Commission on Missing and Abused (COMA) Human Trafficking event, “Youth At Risk,” taking place at Rowan College of Gloucester County.

Freeholder Director Robert M. Damminger said, “It is important for our residents to understand and be aware that human trafficking isn’t an event that only happens in other nations. It is something that can easily happen in our own backyards.”

Freeholder Jefferson said, “This workshop and the information given serve to help our community become more aware of the dangers of trafficking and what we can do to stop it. It is scary to know that the ones targeted are our children, but the community needs to understand that this can be stopped.”

The Freeholders also declared April as Child Abuse Prevention Month at the event.