Seneca High School presents this year’s musical, “The Addams Family”

The musical comedy will be presented on May 3, 4, and 5 in the high school’s auditorium.

Senior Brady Moore and sophomore Meghan Hatley rehearse their roles as Gomez and Morticia Addams in preparation for the musical showing starting May 3.

Each spring, students from Seneca High School work together to showcase a musical production for the entire community to enjoy. This year’s musical is “The Addams Family” on May 3, 4 and 5 at 7 p.m. in the high school’s auditorium, located at 110 Carranza Road in Tabernacle.

Based on the book written by Marshall Brickman and Rick Elice, with music and lyrics by Andrew Lippa, an unusual story unfolds.

After Wednesday Addams grows up and falls in love with a young man named Lucas Beineke, she confides in her father, Gomez, to keep the secret of their love. Gomez is unsettled about keeping a secret from his wife, Morticia, whom he usually tells everything to, and chaos is stirred up when worlds collide at the eventual encounter between the Addams family and Wednesday’s “normal” boyfriend and his parents.

Last spring’s musical, “Beauty and the Beast,” was Seneca’s most successful musical to date, and director Robert Yates was seeking a show that would draw people in yet again, but in a different way. “The Addams Family” will bring a fun, family friendly atmosphere, but with an element of surprise.

“What’s fun about this is you’re familiar with the characters, but not exactly the plot or where it goes,” Yates said. “There’s a comfort there because it’s familiar, but at the same time it’s still very surprising.”

With this being his fourth year directing at Seneca, he has witnessed this show provides students with more lead role opportunities than in previous shows, allowing more talent than ever to take the stage.

Brady Moore, a senior, plays the role of Gomez. Moore described his character by saying “the whole family’s crazy, but Gomez is really crazy.”

“When he’s sad, he’s not just sad, he’s depressed,” Moore said, “and when he’s happy, he’s jumping out of his shoes, really ecstatic.”

Junior Emma DiLauro is participating in her third production at the school. She plays the role of Wednesday (along with Hannah Butler) and states her character is similar to Moore’s role of Gomez in a sense that she is “either all up or all down.”

DiLauro said the show has “something for everybody, it’s very diverse in the sense that it can be funny, but also kind of emotional because there’s a father-daughter bond and some mother-daughter issues.”

Similarly, student Alexis Tierney is taking part in her third production, and plays the role of Lucas’ mother, Alice Beineke. Alexis’ desire to be a part of the high school’s shows stemmed from her activity as one of Seneca’s Chamber singers.

“The Addamses live in a very crazy world, and it’s dark and almost whimsical to an extent. Then the Beinekes come in and it’s a very real life switch,” Tierney said. “It’s a nice contrast to the Addamses.”

After months of practice and preparation, the students are ready to fully represent their characters and are looking forward to taking the stage in just a few weeks.

Tickets are $12 for adults and $10 for students/seniors, and will be available at the door.