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Breast Cancer Foundation named after Mullica Hill resident gets mission in motion

Foundation launches new site and announces next event

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A breast cancer foundation whose facets are focused towards research, lectures, and providing service towards comforting those experiencing treatments for breast cancer are the tenets of this premise with an idea and action. At the start of April, a South Jersey foundation, the Colleen Sorbello Breast Cancer Foundation — also known as Pink Clover — launched their charity’s website, www.pinkcloverfoundation.org.

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The Colleen Sorbello Breast Cancer Foundation is a non-profit foundation with concentrated services and research dedicated to breast cancer. Before her passing due to complications with breast cancer, Sorbello helped others suffering with the same cancer. After her passing, the foundation took on Sorbello’s initiative; her husband, Sam, family and friends played big roles and continue to do so. The foundation’s mission is to Research, Educate, Comfort and Live.

On the site, viewers can discover the story of Colleen Sorbello and her battle with breast cancer. The mission, events, news, donation details and contact information can all be found on the site.

The foundation is proud to announce the next charity event. Pink Clover’s Beef and Beer for the Colleen Sorbello Breast Cancer Foundation will be held at Valley Caterers in Wenonah from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m., May 4. The Beef and Beer event will have great food, beverages, a DJ, dancing and an auction. The Pink Clover Beef and Beer event is the second of the year following a family bowling charity fundraiser back in late January.

Visit the new website www.pinkcloverfoundation.org to find more information about the foundation. To buy tickets for the upcoming event, go to www.pinkcloverfoundation.org/events. Contact 856–418–0726 or email sandy@pinkcloverfoundation.org for more information.


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