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Sponsor a Baby Wild One with Woodford Cedar Run Wildlife Refuge

There are a range of sponsorship opportunities available with the state’s busiest rehabilitation hospital.

It is that time of year again! Baby season is right around the corner and wild animals need your support. The opportunity has returned to Sponsor a Baby Wild One this spring with the Woodford Cedar Run Wildlife Refuge.

“Every year we look upon volunteers and donors to support the thousands of animals that will come through our rehabilitation hospital doors,” said Jeanne Gural, Cedar Run Executive Director. “Spring time is our busiest time of year and a crucial time to increase our funding in order to care for wildlife in need throughout the state of New Jersey.”

In 2017, Woodford Cedar Run accepted and treated 4,731 different animals. Over the next several months the wildlife refuge will take in and care for 85 percent of the animals they treat within the year. This percentage is made up of 140 different species, including opossums, turtles, hawks, owls, song birds, skunks, chipmunks, raccoons, and many more.

The rehabilitation hospital is the busiest in the state and due to the drastic increase of accepted wildlife during this time, the cost to care for these animals adds up quickly. The rehabilitation hospital is in great need of support as 100 percent of its efforts are funded by private donations.

A range of sponsorship opportunities are available. Interested donors have the opportunity to choose to sponsor babies from the following species: Eastern gray squirrels, white-tailed deer, American robins, great horned owls, and Eastern cottontails. After deciding on which babies to help, sponsors are asked to choose a support level. The first support level is $35, which will pay for the baby’s first hour of critical care. The $75 support level will pay for the first week of care. The $150 support level will pay for the entire first month of care and the highest support level of $500 will pay for a full season of care for the sponsored baby wild one.

If you would like to Sponsor a Baby Wild One or would like more information about the program, please visit http://www.CedarRun.org/content/get_involved/sponsor_a_baby.asp or call (856) 983–3329 ext. 100.

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