Weekly Roundup: Charles Middleburg and Haddonfield students take a stand top this week’s stories

Catch up on the biggest stories in Haddonfield this week.

Charles Middleburg shares his story and Haddonfield students take a stand. Catch up on everything from the past week in the Weekly Roundup.

Charles Middleburg shares his story with HMHS class

In the heart of Paris, on the seventh floor of the apartment building where his mother, father and brother resided, 12-year-old Charles Middleburg found himself hiding in a room from German soldiers in the summer of 1942. “We laid there for hours,” Middleburg said. This is one of the many moments Middleburg recalled during his visit to Haddonfield Memorial High School on Thursday, March 15. Traveling to various schools, universities and churches in the area, Middleburg made his way to HMHS to share his story with social studies teacher Meghan McCormick’s class.

Although Middleburg is a Holocaust survivor, he prefers to be referred to as a witness.

Joint meeting between the BOE and commissioners on an upcoming land swap

Things are changing in the borough, at least as far as land is concerned. A joint meeting took place on Monday, March 13, between the board of education and commissioners on an upcoming land swap. The land under deliberation at Monday’s meeting were Scout and Radnor fields and part of the Bancroft property, with the exclusion of Lullworth Hall. The board of education and commissioners held a public discussion and provided a platform for residents to share their thoughts on a land swap of either Radnor or Scout, which are owned by the board.

Haddonfield students take a stand

On Feb. 14, shots rang out at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla., where 17 people fell victim to a mass shooting. The shots were heard across the country and inspired students of Haddonfield Memorial High School to take a stand. The national movement was sparked by Women’s March Youth Empower, a group geared toward supporting young leaders in communities nationwide while identifying causes that matter. The organization that has inspired a plethora of students throughout the country and famously coined the hashtag #enough has made its way to Haddonfield.