Mooretown police awarded for their service

Moorestown Township police officers were sworn in and awarded at Monday night’s council meeting.

Town Hall was abuzz Monday night as the police department swore new officers into the ranks and awarded several of Moorestown’s finest for their service.

Chief Lee Lieber thanked council for taking the time out of a busy agenda to acknowledge Moorestown officers.

Lieber began the swearing-in portion of the evening with the department’s promotions. First up was Michael Maahs who was promoted to lieutenant. Lieber said Maahs has been with the department for more than 23 years and is in command of the the department’s support services division. He said Maahs also stepped up as the department’s accreditation manager as they navigate the accreditation process.

John Rulli was promoted to corporal. Lieber said Rulli began his career with the department as a special law enforcement officer class II, and after proving himself, he was hired as a full-time officer in September 2014. Lieber said Rulli has consistently continued to prove himself in the performance of his duties since then.

New hires Frank Gregorio and Tyler Main were also sworn in as patrolmen Monday evening. Lieber said Gregorio was a special law enforcement officer class II with the department for two years. Gregorio recently graduated from the Ocean County Police Academy, according to Lieber.

Main comes to Moorestown after two years with the Palmyra Police Department. Lieber said Main came highly recommended from Palmyra Chief of Police Scott Pearlman.

“I have to tell you caught a lot of heat taking him from Chief Pearlman,” Lieber said as part of a good-natured joke.

Officers Joel Mufalli and Jason Witkowski were presented with honorable service awards.

“Both officers are being commended for service to the residents of Moorestown for a high level enforcement of traffic and criminal laws in 2017, making Moorestown a safer place to live,“ Lieber said.

Life-saving awards were presented to Sgt. Eric Rogers, Cpl. Jeffrey Pascual and special law enforcement officer Darren DiLoreto. The officers were honored for responding to a call on April 7, during which they utilized CPR and an AED to revive a resident in cardiac arrest.

Sgt. Richard Gunning, Cpl. John Rulli and officer Chris Menges were also presented with life-saving awards for their prompt and alert actions utilizing CPR and an AED on July 16, to save a resident in cardiac arrest.

“[It’s] probably one of the most important things we can do on the job,” Lieber said.

Mayor Stacey Jordan congratulated the officers.

“We have a special police force, and we’re very proud of them,” Jordan said.

The next regularly scheduled council meeting will take place on Monday, March 26 at 7:30 p.m.