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Letter to the Editor: Children should take up social activism

Letter writer Cindy Snyder writes about provoking change in light of recent tragedies.

I was on a mission. When I first read about all the high school student walkouts, I wanted to get involved. What can I do? My brain was buzzing. I had to do whatever I could to make students aware. I had big visions of mobilizing people to action on every social media platform.

I was on a mission.But then I started listening to the teenage survivors heartfelt pleas for change and action. I took a breath. It’s not my mission.

Our children will be the voice and the catalyst needed to change the conditions that continue to allow such widespread gun violence in our schools.

Security guards, armed teachers, metal detectors and chain link fences are not going to prevent mass shootings. Seventeen lives were extinguished in four minutes. Any piece of machinery that can do that massive amount of killing should not be readily available. In my opinion, they should not be available at all. The kids get it. The kids are going to be able to do what we adults cannot. I believe that their voices will spur Congress into gun reform action. If not, then they will soon be able to vote. I will step back.

As a parent, I am hoping that our children in Moorestown will take up social activism and go with the momentum to bring about change. I am encouraged to know that they are already planning their own walkout different from the one organized by the Women’s March Organization. I am optimistic that our school administration will not condone but at least not condemn. I hope parents in this town will keep open the dialogue with their children and support. I hope your children will stand with my children.

Cindy Snyder

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