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For well more than a decade, The Moorestown Sun has strived to be more than just the best source for Moorestown news. We’ve been committed to being a significant part of the Moorestown community.

We’ve been front-and-center at Town Council and Board of Education meetings, informing our friends of what’s going on with the two biggest entities that affect your tax bill; we’ve profiled veterans, children, librarians and other residents who are doing good for our community; we’ve reported on the details Main Street growth, water treatment plans, preservation projects and on Moorestown being named the Best Place to Live in America; we’ve attended church fundraisers, ice cream socials at schools and sporting events galore.

We’ve been around.

And through all those years, we have stayed true to one vital tenet that we promised our readers from Day 1 — we’ve remained free. We don’t intend to change that. Instead, we want to offer our friends, our neighbors — our readers — the opportunity to have more of The Sun.

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In print, we have continued to deliver our paper free of charge every Wednesday. Online, you can continue to find each and every piece of our content at your finger tips for free — no charge, no paywall, no limit on the number of pages you can visit.

We’ve stuck to our promise from 2005, and we will continue to do so every day moving forward.

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