Lenape Regional High School District’s Violence, Vandalism and HIB Report consistent with last year

From July 1 to Dec. 31, the district saw 29 incidents, which was a slight increase from the 28 incidents in the same period the prior year.

From July 1 through Dec. 31, the Lenape Regional High School District saw little change in the total number of incidents of violence, vandalism, weapons offenses, substance abuse and harassment, intimidation and bullying when compared to the same period for the previous year.

State law requires schools districts to publically review statistics for such incidents on a semi-annual basis for reporting periods lasting from January to June and again from July to December.

Officials with the Lenape Regional High School District recently shared the district’s statistics for July 1 of last year to Dec. 31.

James Kehoe, the district’s security and emergency management coordinator, said the district saw 29 incidents during that time.

That figure was only a slight increase from the 28 incidents the district saw for the same reporting period from the previous year.

Kehoe said there were 10 incidents of violence, one incident of vandalism, no weapons offenses, 17 substance abuse incidents and one incident of harassment, intimidation and bullying.

When compared to the same reporting period of the previous year, the district saw a decrease in three areas — from 12 incidents of violence to 10, from two incidents of vandalism to one, and from two incidents of harassment, intimidation and bullying to one.

The only area where the district saw an increase was in the number of substance abuse incidents, with the district increasing from 12 to 17.

The number of weapon offenses was zero for each year.

When the categories were broken down further, Kehoe said violence incidents saw three assaults, five fights and two threats.

Kehoe said there was one theft where a student had a cell phone stolen, but the device was eventually recovered.

Kehoe said there were 12 confirmed incidents of substance use, four incidents of possession and one incident of distribution.

Kehoe said the district had two investigations into potential harassment, intimidation or bullying, but only one was a confirmed case.

Kehoe said all investigations are closed, and the one confirmed incident involved a student’s sexual orientation.

According to Kehoe, the remedial action for the incident was suspension and counseling.

Kehoe said the district also had several HIB training programs in place, including No Place for Hate, Violence Awareness Week, Project Purple, Week of Respect, the Peer Leadership Program, the Green Dot program, the Upstander program, Stand Up and I.D. HIB and more.