Cherry Hill East principal says no punishment for student protest participants

In a letter to the Cherry Hill community, Dennis Perry thanked students for being respectful and unveiled a seven point plan to keep students involved in school security issues.

Cherry Hill High School East principal Dennis Perry released a letter late Tuesday saying students who participated in protests at the school this week would not be kept from participating in the senior trip, senior prom or graduation.

Perry said in his letter that he was retracting a statement he made on Monday about withholding participation from activities for students who participated in protests regarding school security and the placing of administrative leave of history teacher Timothy Locke.

“I want to thank our students for the respectful manner in which most have conducted themselves,” Perry said in the letter. “We have amazing students who are passionate and involved. As a school community, I welcome this opportunity to work together for real change.”

Perry said this district is working on a plan that will also students to remain vocal about issues such as school security and show their support for students in Parkland, Florida, where a school shooting took place at the high school on Feb. 14. The plan includes permitted students to meet weekly with school administrators, assemblies on school safety, a letter writing campaign to students in Parkland schools, a planned school walk on March 14, a security committee consisting of students, staff, parents and administration and more.