Sweetheart Stories: A match made in Miami

In honor of Valentine’s Day, resident Lucille A. Saia shares how she fell in love with her late husband Joe

By Lucille A. Saia
Special to The Sun

My love story took place 47 wonderful years ago when I met and fell in love with Joe. He is the most lovable, kind, happy man that ever walked this earth.

We met in Florida. I was there with my mom, father and five sisters. He just lost his mom, and he was there with his sister Connie, Tony and nephew Ronald.

We met in Miami; I was on vacation and he was there recuperating from the loss of his mom Lucille, which happens to be my name, also! He was talking to my dad in the water and didn’t know he was my father.

He took my to an ice cream place called “Lucille and Harry’s;” would you believe it?

On that date, he told me, “I’m going to marry you.”

My pet name from Joe was “pretty eyes” — I have green eyes that change with what I’m wearing.

We were married in Holy Family Church in Nutley.

He always said, “God put us together and we were soul mates,” and you know what? We were. We always hugged and kissed, held hands in church — we were known as “the love birds.”

God blessed us with four daughters and six grandchildren: Gabrielle, Michelle, Vanessa, Nicholas, Michael and Steven.

Then, one night, God came and took my Joe back to heaven. He passes away in bed with me. I miss that man everyday if my life. He passes on Aug. 24, 2013. It’s been four long, hard years he’s gone and missed, you couldn’t even guess.

My advice for the young ones out there is always say, “I love you,” hold hands, hug and kiss. I told Joe every day; “I’d marry you all over again without batting an eye.”

He’s a loving, kind, generous man and great father and grandfather, and most of all my dear, dear husband of 47 years.

Love and miss you Joe (Darlin’) everyday.