Mantua police aim to create camera registry

The Mantua Police Department is planning to create a registry for those who maintain individual surveillance cameras at residences/businesses in town.

Having this registry will help the department locate any cameras in areas where crimes have been committed, making it easier to potentially locate suspects and evidence. This is completely voluntarily. Even if registered, individuals do not necessarily have to provide the department footage if asked.

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These cameras are easier to use, cheaper, and more prevalent than ever, and the department is hoping to develop a relationship with citizens who have this technology.

The information is not shared with anyone outside of the Mantua Police Department. Unfortunately, the police are unable to recommend a camera brand. If interested, please send the department a message including the address at which the camera is located.

A spreadsheet will be maintained with the information that will be broken down into different areas of town. The department can email a fillable copy of the form that can be filled out manually or electronically and returned. A copy is also available at the front desk of the police department. For answers to questions, please email (Patrolman Donovan, badge 1552).

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