Palmyra PD issues Light Rail traffic update

The left-bound turn arrow at Broad and Cinnaminson Avenue is still out of service

The following is from Palmyra Police Department.

Our department is constantly working with NJ Transit Police, NJ Transit and Bombardier, the company responsible for maintaining the Southern New Jersy Light Rail System to help with train operations and vehicle traffic.

The gate timimg at Broad Street and Highland/Morgan Ave has been repaired. We were aware that the gates were staying down longer than required when the south bound train was coming into Palmyra Station.
Bombardier was working on this problem most of Friday, Feb. 2, and the situation was corrected by the end of day.

The west bound left turn arrow at Broad and Cinnaminson Ave is still out of service. Bombardier has informed us that they will be doing some rewiring work sometime in the next 10 days, which will hopefully bring the light back to its full function.