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Eastern Regional recognizes D-III athletes at National Signing Day

Along with D-III, the district recognized 13 students who signed a national letter of intent.

On National Signing Day, Eastern Regional High School honored 13 D-I and D-II student athletes as they committed to colleges across the county in hopes of continuing their athletic careers.

On Wednesday, teachers, coaches and families convened in Eastern Regional High School’s learning center to commemorate 21 student-athletes as they officially committed to colleges across the country with hopes to continue their successful sporting careers.

Along with the traditional D-I and D-II seniors, for the first time, Eastern recognized D-III students on National Signing Day. These are athletes who are not signing a national letter of intent but plan to resume playing sports in their higher education.

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The implementation is part of an overarching initiative practiced by the district.

“We’re all about inclusion and exposure and all accomplishments regardless of what level you’re going on to continue your athletic and academic career,” said Jason Hill, vice principal of athletics.

The D-I and D-II athletes were 13 of 2,000 Eastern students to sign a national letter of intent.

Decked out in colorful collegiate gear, the ceremony opened as each athlete introduced themselves, informing the crowd of their plans for the fall. The collegiate grants ranged from partial to full scholarships.

The signers were also acknowledged because their abilities are not confined to the courts and fields, as several students received academic scholarships on top of their athletic ones.

“These are the best of the best, because they have done not only outstanding in their particular sport, but also in the classroom,” Hill told the students. “A lot of hardwork and dedication, which is a serious testimony to you guys.”

The signees included athletes of Eastern’s baseball, girls lacrosse, girls soccer, boys lacrosse, football, golf and field hockey teams.

From Yale to Quinnipiac University, Eastern talent will be spread across the country in the fall.

Along with Hill, Principal Robert Tull congratulated the students on this extraordinary day.

“We appreciate what you’ve done, first and foremost, in the classroom, because it’s in the classroom that will prepare you for where you want to go in your future endeavours,” Tull said. “However, today celebrates what you’ve actually done on the playing field. Because, truly, what you’ve done is remarkable.”

Along with appreciation for parents, Tull and Hill commended the coaches for their constant dedication.

“You guys are also a large reason as to why these particular student athletes are here,” Hill said.

The ceremony then moved to the school’s TV studio where students eagerily “signed” their way to college, taking photos with coaches, teammates and families. In individual filmings at the anchor desk, each student, alongside family members with appropriate college pennants in-hand, thanked everyone who contributed to their successes.

Whether a D-I or D-III athlete, the morning was all about honoring students who are translating their Eastern Regional dedication to collegiate sporting endeavours.

“Today is really just to celebrate you guys going on to the next level,” Hill said.


Matt Cotton — Yale University

Girls Lacrosse

Haley Dixon — Stockton University

Amanda Farnsworth — LaSalle University

Lauren Ferriola — Millersville University

Savannah Slack — Virginia Commonwealth University

Jess Kinser — Stockton University

Girls Soccer

Marlee Franden — Kean University

Gianna Gonzalez — Pace University

Mikayla Ronczka — Wilkes University

Madison Tyree — Rutgers University

Boys Lacrosse

Andrew Garrison — Norwich University

Benjamin Smith — Kean University


Zahir Goyins — East Stroudsburg University


Joel Hark — Muhlenberg College

Justin Lancaster — Albright College


Jack Herman — University of Maryland

Ronald Silvestro — Kutztown University

Joshua Roach — Chestnut Hill College

Field Hockey

Jessica Maute — Saint Joseph’s University

Olivia Perrone — Leigh University

Isabella Sinibaldi — Quinnipiac University


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