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Mantua, have a voice; get to know your elected officials

A quick look into committee member John Legge

Committee member John Legge

How many people vote in every election available to them? It is a common line of thinking that voting in the presidential election is the only one worth getting out of the house for, the only election that means anything.

Of course, it is always up to the individual whether to vote. However, it is difficult to deny local and municipal government has a large part in shaping the identity of a community. It is where zoning laws launch into effect and alter the physical presence of a town; it is where budgets for health and human services, public safety, recreation and other programs are determined.

Committee meetings and town halls are open to the public to listen, consider and comment on local government proceedings. Take a look into the ideas and interests of this Mantua elected official.

Committee Member John Legge is a 30-plus year resident of Mantua Township and has served on the committee since 2012; he was re-elected last November.

Married and with three children, Legge served on the Board of Education for the Mantua Township School District for two terms.

“It was a natural transition to move from school board to township committee. It is the next step of local office,” he said.

Legge now serves as the liaison to the Municipal Land Use Board, Environmental Commission, Municipal Utility Authority and the Veterans’ Committee.

Legge stated the committee as a whole is a “good team.” He added, “We work well together. We don’t always agree 100 percent, but we work things out. We have a united front moving forward.”

Legge feels the committee has gained success in public works, senior living initiatives and the park — specifically the additions to the park that include a new pavilion roof, benches and upkeep to the 9/11 memorial.

He feels the committee has more work to do with the road program, explaining that due to budget cuts from the state, the committee was forced to “put the road program on hold” while attempting to maintain tax efforts.

“Slowly but surely, we are doing things each year [for the road program], while keeping taxes in check,” he said.

“Mantua is a great place to live and raise a family. I like the blend of agriculture, residential and business. It is a great town,” Legge said.

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