Students at Chesterbrook Academy show appreciation for classmate’s father in Air Force

Preschoolers expressed their compassion for a local member of the military.

Students received a flag from their classmate’s father as a thank you for sending treats and a handmade wreath during his deployment. (Photo courtesy of Emily Meier)

Kindergarten students at Chesterbrook Academy Preschool in Voorhees recently collected candy and sent a handmade wreath to a classmate’s father who was overseas serving the country in the Air Force. When the students found out their classmate’s father was going to be deployed to the Middle East on Halloween morning, they collected a bag of candy to send with him to show their appreciation. In December, the class sent a handmade wreath to thank him and his fellow airmen for their service.

After his tour was complete, the student’s father dedicated and delivered a flag to the class for them to hang in their classroom. The flag flew on 22 combat missions over Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria. Through these initiatives, students learned the importance of giving back to those who protect the country.