Young School Gym to reopen with a special performance by Hip Hop Health

Kurtis Johnson, half of the children’s music duo, will lead a fitness class that promotes learning through movement

In honor of the unveiling of the B. Bernice Young School’s new makeover on Jan. 25, Burlington Township resident MC Kurtis Johnson will make an appearance.

Johnson has been a performer for as long as he can remember. As an adult, a love of teaching and working with children met his passion for acting and music to create what he and fellow educator Chris Wells are perhaps best known for: Hip Hop Health.

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Signed to the physical activity and health publisher Human Kinetics, the two are more than just children’s party entertainers. With an ear to the ground and a knack for giving their young fans what they want, they write songs based on their understanding of early childhood development.

“All the lyrics in our songs, they’re not just there because they rhyme. They’re all researched, they’re all facts,” Johnson said. “That is what has held up to the test of time: When you listen to our songs, you can get actual information and knowledge.”

Recognized as the “Squirmie Germie guys” by their fans for their hit single by the same name, Hip Hop Health’s journey started with a internationally-sold DVD that has allowed them countless opportunities to perform at schools, parties and summer camps. From teaching their audiences about proper hand-washing to the importance of exercise, demonstrating healthy lifestyle choices is at the core of their work.

“The students are the assembly, it’s their show. From the time we walk in, they’re up and they’re moving the entire time,” Johnson said.

The B. Bernice Young School gymnasium, which closed for repairs in 2017, tested positive for mercury in July due to a rubberized floor installed in the mid-1990s. Now safe and ready to handle the activity of the school’s students, Johnson can’t think of a more appropriate opportunity to educate Burlington Township’s youngest residents.

Johnson, who was an athlete during his time at Burlington Township schools, looks forward to performing “Let’s Move,” a song and routine Hip Hop Health released as part of Michelle Obama’s childhood obesity initiative in 2009. NBC and ABC news invited Wells and Johnson to their studios around the time of the song’s release to talk about their efforts to raise awareness about the healthy lifestyle movement.

“The song was starting to be played in the morning at many schools,” he added.

Burlington Township families are invited to join Johnson Jan. 25 at 6:30 for the grand reopening of the Young gymnasium with a fitness class that promotes learning through movement. To register, contact

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