HOPE United Methodist Church expands to second location for Sunday worship in Mt. Laurel on Jan. 21

Officials with the Voorhees-based church say a campus in Mt. Laurel will allow even more families to become a part of the HOPE community.

HOPE United Methodist Church held its first worship service 27 years ago by renting space at Signal Hill Elementary School in Voorhees Township.

Two years after that first service, the church moved to Eastern Regional High School, where HOPE operated for another seven years before it finally moved to its own building in Voorhees on Cooper Road.

Now, HOPE is taking the next step in the church’s nearly 30-year journey, this time by expanding to a second location for worship services on Sunday mornings starting Jan. 21 at Mt. Laurel’s Harrington Middle School.

According to church officials, the new services will “take a page out of their own history book” by operating out of a rented location while still offering HOPE’s signature worship experience.

Church officials describe Sunday morning services at HOPE as offering cutting-edge music, time for worship, inspirational videos and weekly messages that are practical for church goers’ everyday lives while remaining grounded in Christian scripture.

With a worship style described as “authentic, engaging and relaxed,” officials say those who’ve yet to experience a service at HOPE will feel comfortable with the church’s congregation on Sunday mornings.

The church also promotes itself as a “come as you are” congregation, meaning there is no pressure for those who attend a service at HOPE to dress in more formal clothes traditionally associated with church services, unless attendees chose to do so for their own comfort.

According to officials, HOPE works deliberately to welcome those from all ranges of spiritual spectrum, with specific focus on those who don’t typically “do church.”

“We come from all different walks of life and experiences,” said Jeff Bills, lead pastor at HOPE. “People visiting can expect to find us excited about being together and excited about welcoming others in and making them feel comfortable. On Sunday morning, they’re going to hear laughter, great music and the sound of happy kids.”

In regard to children’s services, church officials also note that HOPE has a strong focus on kids and families, with officials describing “fun and creative” programs for kids from 6 months old through fifth grade.

Even with the new Mt. Laurel location, the church will continue to offer nursery and Sunday school options through the church’s screened and experienced volunteers and its young adult mentors.

The Mt. Laurel worship services will be led by HOPE Pastor Rick Court, who said the church already has a significant number of Mt. Laurel families attending HOPE in Voorhees.

“Opening a campus at Harrington Middle School will allow even more families to become a part of the HOPE community,” Court said.

Worship begins at HOPE’s Mt. Laurel location at 10:30 a.m. on Jan. 21 at Harrington Middle School.

To learn more about HOPE Church or its new Mt. Laurel campus, visit www.meethope.org or contact Court at rick@meethope.org.