Full-day kindergarten a possibility for 2018–19 school year in Harrison Township

Superintendent Missy Peretti is seeking community participation in a Superintendent’s Advisory Council to discuss the full day kindergarten plan

The Harrison Township School District is in the planning process for the implementation of a full day kindergarten program for the 2018–2019 school year. As one of the last school districts in the area that offers a half day program, the district is excited about the possibility of implementing a program that will allow our youngest learners to have extended time for both academic development and socialization.

Budget planning and funding will be carefully considered as we move toward the 2018–2019 school year and the final determination on the program by the Board of Education won’t be made until April 2018. However, school administration and the board are cautiously optimistic this program can be implemented within the budget by utilizing current staffing and facilities.

Overall student enrollment in the district has decreased over the last five years, which allows for creative planning to implement this program for the overall benefit of the school and community. The current plan will allow for pre-k through third grade students to remain at Harrison Township Elementary School and fourth through sixth graders to stay at Pleasant Valley School. While the preschool tuition program will remain, community members should be aware if the full day kindergarten program is implemented as planned, there will be less preschool spots available through the lottery system than have been in recent years. Therefore, preschool parents are urged to keep this information in mind as they plan for preschool placements, particularly for 3-year-old children.

Superintendent of Schools Dr. Missy Peretti is developing a Superintendent’s Advisory Council to discuss not only the full day kindergarten plan, but also a number of other important topics that stakeholder input is needed for. If any community members have interest is serving on the Superintendent’s Advisory Council, they are urged to contact Peretti at (856) 478–2016, ext. 7123 or perettim@harrisontwp.k12.nj.us.