Year in Review: Cherry Hill family’s haunted house providing scary, safe fun for people of all ages

The Sun’s feature story on the DuBois Family Haunted House was the most read story of 2017.

Brian DuBois stands at the entrance to the DuBois Family Haunted House, located in the backyard of his home at 721 Crestbrook Avenue in Cherry Hill.

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The setting for the №1 most read story on in 2017 was a spooky one on Crestbrook Avenue in Cherry Hill.

The DuBois Family held its 14th annual Haunted House in late October of this past year. The haunted attraction, located in the DuBois family’s backyard, has grown rapidly in popularity over the years. For the first time ever this year, the Cherry Hill Sun paid a visit to the DuBois to learn about the story behind their Halloween attraction.

Brian DuBois talked about the reasons why he decided to start the haunted house and spoke about the history of how it evolved from a simple, front porch display to an elaborate, multi-room structure that he constructs each year.

“I spend two or three weeks just walking around aimlessly finding out how I’m going to lay out the rooms,” DuBois said about building the structure.

The haunted house features many props, spooky decorations and live actors. There are three levels of scare guests can experience at the haunted house. The first, “no scare,” allows guests to check out the decorations without any scares taking place. The second level, “full scare,” features fully costumed scare actors who will jump out at guests. The third and final level allows to touch guests’ arms and legs in certain scenes in addition to the other scares. Guests choose which level they want to experience at the entrance.

DuBois credited the success of the haunted house to the dozens of volunteers who help him put on the attraction each year.

“That’s my wife and her family members helping out with the queue line,” DuBois said. “That’s my mother and mother-in-law sitting at the front table taking donations and handouts we give to people. We feed all of our actors every night, so we need people to help with that. If we’re open on Halloween, we give them bags of candy because they gave up trick-or-treating for us, so we need people to put that together.”

The DuBois Family Haunted House was a hit with readers. He garnered more than double the amount of readers than any other story on the Cherry Hill Sun website in 2017.

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