Project Child Find services available for handicapped preschoolers

The program for children with special needs is provided free of charge through the Washington Township Public School District

Do you have or know of a special needs child ages three to 21 years old residing in Washington Township who may have physical, mental or emotional problems? Are you aware of any child between the ages of three to 21 years old who is in need of special education programs and services? An extra effort is being made to identify children between ages three to five years old for our preschool program for children with special needs.

Project CHILD FIND, a service of the New Jersey State Department of Education that is funded through the United States Department of Education, assists in identifying un-served or underserved handicapped children. Project CHILD FIND develops and distributes information about early prevention and intervention services and special education programs throughout New Jersey. All New Jersey Public Schools are required to provide programs for preschools handicapped children, and Washington Township has had a successful program for several years. Other agencies provide early intervention for children from birth to three years.

Referral, professional guidance and an educational program, if needed, are all available free of charge through the Washington Township public schools. The district also provides referral information to early intervention programs for children aged birth to three years. Parents and community members who know of a child who may benefit from these special programs are invited to call (856) 589–6644, ext. 6223, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday. All information is confidential.